Friday, May 13, 2011

Many Happy Returns

Many many moons ago, my wife and I were wondering what to do for a gift for her grandparents.  They were both in their nineties, and needed nothing, so shopping for something was pretty much out of the question.  Both of us agreed that our fondest memories of time spent with Gram and Grandpa S were when we played cards with them.  Specifically the game of Gin.  They were brutally good at Gin.  Grandpa had a habit of flipping over that last card for Gin and singing out a hearty "DIXIE BELL!" that had a joyous, mocking tone.  They were hard to beat, but so much fun to play!

Anyway, we settled upon the idea of making a stained glass piece that reflected our shared love of the cards.  We gave it to them and it was put in a prominent window where we could see it while we played Gin.

A few years back, Grandpa S passed away.  Gram has since moved in with her daughter and son-in-law in Ohio.  As such she has had to pare down her things.  When we heard that she had moved, I wondered what had happened to that piece.  I guessed that someone had acquired it, probably someone who loved playing cards with them as much as us.  Or perhaps Gram had gifted it to one of her card playing friends.  She's pretty generous that way.  Either way I never thought I'd see it again.

The Wife's folks came for a visit this week and brought a box of stuff to go through, and much to my surprise, it reappeared in our lives!  I was moved nearly to tears.  It was so unexpected to see it again, and I was very happy to have it back at our house.  It will continue to remind me of those Gin games and "Dixie Bell's" and the fun we have had with Gram and Grandpa S through the years.

 Speaking of things going out and returning much later... I finally completed my first 5K run of the season.  To be fair, I ran the first 1.5 miles and did sprint drills on the way back - that is to say, I run as fast as I can from one telephone pole to the next, then walk to the next, then run... etc. etc. etc. Until I get back to where I started from.  But it is an improvement, and I cannot complain about the small steps taken to reach my goal.  I'm sure hoping that sometime in the future I'll be writing about running the first three miles before I head back.  Time will tell.

It has been a long and emotional day, (week?  year?) so I am off to bed.

More Later

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