Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tri Through the Sick

The Rochesterfest Tri is coming up in a few days. I have done little to train for it in the two weeks that separate it from the Pigman.  I went on a short run, 1.5 miles a couple of days ago. 

During and after the Pigman, my allergies decided to activate.  Leaving me in a constant state of wheezing for air and watery, itchy eyes, nose and throat.  Allergies are a joy I tell you.  Last week I also started coughing and according to the Wife, I looked more like I was experiencing a sinus infection rather than just battling allergies.  So after a few more days of trying to convince myself that I was just recovering from the Pigman and fighting allergy symptoms, I gave in an went to see the doc.  Sure enough, the Wife was correct again, and I had not only a sinus infection, but an ear infection and "something funky going on" in my throat.  Nothing a high dose of antibiotics wouldn't clear up in ten days or so, said the doc.

Then I mentioned that I had a triathlon to do in nine days.

"Well," she said. "See how you feel."

It's three and a wake up to the tri.  I am still hacking globs of yellow goo from my lungs.  I have not been in the water or on my bike since the Pigman.  Time to concede defeat and drop out of this next one? 

I don't think so.  Now before you get all judgey and tsk-tskey, hear me out.

The swim and bike portions are short.  A 440 yard swim and a 10 mile bike.  I should be able to do those no problem.  The run is another 5K or 3.1 miles.  I have no illusions that I will miraculously RUN the whole thing.  But I can self ambulate for a 5K.  Besides, I am feeling a little better, and hopefully the next few days will see even more improvement.  I'm not expecting to win anyway, so avoiding the DNF moniker is my main goal.  (That's Did Not Finish, in case you are interested.)

So.  I will compete in the Rochesterfest Tri this weekend, because I like doing them, and because I don't want something like a sinus infection to keep me from it.  I'll do tri's in sickness or in health!  Hopefully more in health...  Besides, I've already paid for it!

More Later

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