Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

Today, while getting some pictures of my cute kiddos outside on the back hill next to some delightful daisies, the Boyo spotted a dragonfly and I gave chase to try and get a photo.  I didn't get too close though, and this was the best shot of it I got.

Fortunately, it was good enough to identify, and fortunately as well, it was one of the eighteen varieties that we were still able to identify, as we are really out of practice.  But we were able to tell that it is a male Twelve Spotted Skimmer!  One of the easiest to remember because of all of the spots on its wings.  If it had the black spots without the white, it would be a female.

Along with this delightful First Identified Dragonfly, it is also the birthday of my mother in law, and we celebrate her birth along with the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence!  And while she was indeed born on this date a few years ago, the Declaration was passed on July 2nd, and signed by the majority of the delegates on August 2nd.  But the fourth is as good a day as any to celebrate!

So we are rotisserie grilling a whole chicken, some corn on the cob, and some other yummy treats for supper, then it will be off to the fireworks that begin past bedtime!  Hooray!  Happy 4th of July!  Be safe and have fun!

More Later.

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