Monday, May 7, 2012

Remember Shingles

When I was out in South Dakota working with Re-Member, I wondered what more I could do once I left the Rez.  As I stood one morning with Bryan, I asked him if they needed anything. Did Re-Member have a wish list.  He told me he'd get back to me on that one.

Later we talked about it again.

"Shingles." He told me. They hold their own with donations of lumber and gloves and things of that nature.  They received a new shipment of donated tools when I was there. But what people often overlooked was shingles and roofing supplies.

Shingles are heavy. I mean, really heavy.  So transporting them out to the Rez would be hard on any shocks in any vehicle.  But I still plotted and planned and wondered how to get shingles to them.  Just before I left Friday morning, Ted mentioned that they could also use Menards gift cards to buy shingles and other supplies.

Stewing that over on the drive home, I wondered about starting a shingle drive upon my return.

Well, that time has come.  Up there to the left you'll see a button for Remember Shingles.  Donations are being taken in any amount.  Take some time to consider it, but don't dally, I'm only collecting funds until I go back out to the Rez in June.

If you don't feel like giving to me, head on over to Re-Member's website and give directly to them!  Tell them I sent you!

Thanks for your support.
More Later

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