Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Honorable Mention

Well, I didn't win. Not that I was expecting to.  We went to the fair today to check out how I did with the pictures and see some fair type stuff. Our first stop was the 4H building that housed the photography exhibition.

My flower picture sat unadorned on the wall in a sea of other remarkable flower pictures. But my picture of the Dot-tailed Whiteface garnered an Honorable mention! (essentially fourth place)

It was on a wall with about thirty other really good nature shots, so I am pretty happy! 

Interestingly, a picture of a female Common Whitetail took second place. 

I'm already looking forward to entering more pictures next year, and best of all, the Boyo is thinking of entering some things as well!

Ah, the fair.  Summer fun and memories made!

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Grammy said...

Congratulations!! Truthfully...you should have won. I know it.,s hard to tell from the pictures, but I was not impressed with the blue ribbon winner...I really liked the one of the water etc. (were they supposed to be matted?) anyway, way to go! I am proud!

IASoupMama said...


John said...

Not that you're biased or anything. :). But thanks!