Thursday, January 3, 2013


There are more goals for the new year floating around in my head.  Bows to build, glass to create, knives to fabricate. There are things I want to write about.  Places I want to see. Skills to learn.  So I'll make my lists and set my goals, and spend time daydreaming about them.

It is easy to make resolutions.  Harder though is being resolute.

Everyone makes plans of some sort.  Most people even make the traditional New Year Resolutions.  But too often, those plans fall through for one reason or the next.  Gyms and health clubs are packed this time of year, but by February the numbers will go down again.

So, how does one become resolute? If I had the answer to that, I'd be able to retire.  But I think what it comes down to is good, old fashioned, hard work.  Taking small steps towards that goal, and taking each day as it comes.  Having a plan to follow, but not getting discouraged when the plan falls through and must be changed.

Lots of little things add up to success.

So - Here is to being Resolute in the New Year!  May you take the many little steps that lead to success in whatever you chose to do!

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