Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'll Put it Here...or 500

This is my 500th post.  500 times I have written something.  Sometimes interesting only to me. Most probably read only be a few. All read and re-read by me. So... woohoo.... 500 posts.


Something...interesting... has happened to me in the past fifteen months. Strange things. Inexplicable things.  Things that if I read someone else's blog about them happening, I would wonder a little at the authenticity. I have been wondering if I should share it with my blog readers / the world / anybody who cares to read about it, or keep it to myself and a few close friends.  After much prayer for discernment and opinions from people I respect, I have decided to put it here.  On my blog.  In serial form.

So, starting with the next blog, Number 501 for those of you keeping track, I'll be telling a story about a guy named Jack Shepard.  You can appease your disbelief by reading it for the enjoyment of simply reading a story. Or you can come and see me and I will show you proof of the reality of the story. 

Because what happens to Jack in the story has already happened to me.

Somewhere in the back of my head is a little Thomas, just doubting away at all that has transpired.  His voice has been loud throughout the years.  Now he is sitting in the back, shaking his head in wonder. Because he's seen those holes, the wound in the side.  The proof that there is something at work here that he is pretty sure is God.

I don't know how it ends yet, as everything is still unfolding.  But I'll put it here. Good, Bad, or whatever. Maybe someone out there can impart some wisdom to old Jack about what's going on.  Maybe it will inspire someone to give their Doubting Thomas the old heave ho from their minds and follow a path they never imagined existed.  Probably there will be lots of doubters and naysayers about the goings on.  All I ask is that you keep an open mind. All I hope is that you enjoy the story.  All I pray is for light to be shed on my path as I travel.  Please, please, if you read the story as it unfolds, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.  Leave a little something for me to reflect on, would you?

So... 501... Storytime.

Do you believe?

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