Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tanked, Part Deux

Well, after a few weeks of water changes, treatments and learning even more than I have about fish tanks and proper care and feeding, the water became safe for fish again.

This was no small thing, since Blondie, Goldie and Mr. Boney have survived the full ignorance and unimaginable high toxicity levels of the tank thus far.

Tough Guys

So, with some trepidation, I headed out after I dropped the kiddos at school to do a little fish shopping.  

After some deliberation, and talking with the helpful fish experts, I decided against rays and eels, and went with three Mickey Mouse Platy's and a Plecostamus to help keep things clean.

I don't have any good pictures of my little MM's, because they swim so fast. I borrowed this one of the net.

While I was checking out, I noticed a tiny shrimp looking thing swimming around with the pleco. I was told he was a Ghost Shrimp.

Another borrowed shot.  I can't seem to focus on these little transparent bugs.

The pleco died shortly after introduction to the tank, which had me all worried again. So I rushed a water sample off to the fish store again, was assured the water was OK, and got some money back for the poor dead pleco.

So, I started doing some research on Ghost Shrimp... because, of course I did.  Turns out, they are tank cleaner uppers as well.  So I picked up a few more the next day, and took them back to hang out with the little freebie I got.

Remarkably, thankfully, and happily, all of the fish are now doing quite well. The water cycle is doing well, and all of the tankmates seem to be getting along quite well!

One slightly tricky thing that may be needing to be dealt with later is that two of the three Platy's are female.  We've named them Mickey, Minnie and Daisy.  I have a feeling at some point we may have to deal with some little Mickey's and Minnie's.  Of course, they give birth to 40-60 babies at a time, so we could get into some deep, fishy trouble at some point.

Anyway, I'm still loving the tank, as are the kiddos. 

More Later

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