Thursday, May 7, 2015

Feather II

I volunteer with a group out in South Dakota called Re-Member. If you've read my blog before, you are probably already familiar. If not, in short, it is a group that works on light construction projects in one of the financially poorest counties on the continent. They also do some amazing cultural awareness programs.
Anyway, I am on the Board of Directors as well, and we are in the midst of a capital campaign to build a permanent presence on the Rez to continue our work until we aren't needed anymore. We have finally broken ground at the new location, but we still need financial help to get the project finished. None of the money for Feather II comes from the programs we already run. If you have other questions or want to help financially or with a visit, please contact me! Here is an e-mail that was sent out today...  Re-Member

Working with the Oglala Lakota Oyate on the Pine Ridge Reservation, S.D.
Hi John,

We're making history at Re-Member, as the first building goes up at Feather II, our new permanent home on Pine Ridge. Our shared goal - to live and work alongside the Oglala Lakota people is being realized - thanks to your help.
To date, we are roughly 1/3 of the way to our $1.5 million goal.

Your support is critical to our efforts, and your support has helped us achieve the milestone we are celebrating today.
Construction has started on our first facility at Feather II, but there is more to do.
  • $25 is important
  • $25 a month for a year is huge
  • $25 a month over three years will help ensure the successful completion of this incredible project
Please donate online today or mail your check to Re-Member, PO Box 8278, Grand Rapids, MI 49518.
Visit our Feather II project page to learn more about the ambitious plans - and dynamic opportunities - that Feather II will bring to our program.

Ted Skantze
Executive Director

Any help would be great! even at the $5 or $10 a month level, it all adds up! Even sharing the link to this blog post or to the Re-Member website could help. Please take some time to consider what you could do to make a difference today.

Thanks friends!

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