Friday, February 6, 2009

Novice Bowyer

It's 2 am again, but I have not slept yet. Soon. Very soon.

As you may remember, the latest interest of mine has become archery. Well, bow building specifically. But only because a really nice bow would cost much more than just making a really nice bow myself.

Today in the mail came some supplies for making bow strings. I watched a couple videos online and thought 'now that looks easy!' but guess what? Not so easy!

I've made a few practice strings now, and finally feel comfortable enough to make a string for a bow that was my fathers when he was 14 or 15. It works pretty well! Though I am hesitant to take the bow to a full draw, because I don't know how fifty-two year old fiberglass will hold up, and I'd rather not have it exploding on me or the kiddos.

But the Boyo helped me make a string jig, and helped me loop string all around it. We had a pretty good time!

I'm working on an oak bow now, and have a few more steps for it before I can string it up and shoot it. But it is a fun thing to do, that building your own bow. Addictive too. I want to build a great many of them now! Until I get really, really good at it!

Ah, the life of an avid, addicted learner. Now taking bets on what I learn to do next!

More Later

By the by... anybody know how to pronounce the word "bowyer"?

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