Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl... Big Deal

In the grand scheme of things, the Cards edging out the Steelers with a last minute touchdown run is really not so important. (I'll write more about this sentence later, but it has to do with a football almanac that I read back in elementary school that told about some weird stuff, including the Arizona Cardinals Beating the Steelers in a close game, by a running touchdown... we'll see)

Today is the big day for a lot of folks. Two teams full of guys who have worked very hard to get where they are, and a bajillion others who follow football with varying degrees of passion.

I am not a normal person. Definitely not a normal 'guy'. I just can't seem to get into the game too much. Oh, I do like the highlight reels, and I even know the names of a few people from different teams. But I don't follow them as religiously as most men. Added to my loathing of NASCAR makes me atypical amongst the males of the species.

This doesn't bother me much though, I have too many other things that occupy my time. For example, today...

I ran to the store for some supplies and a couple of movies. We were having a 'sick day' here, as the Boyo has the sniffles. Which of course means that he has copious amounts of goo flowing freely from his nose. In my absence, Mommy had a talk with him about how germs are the cause of such malaise, and how he should try not to smother the Sweet Pea with hugs and kisses in case some of those germs spread and make her sick.

Well, upon my return, the Boyo greeted me at the top of the stairs with a hearty "Welcome back, Daddy!" To which he immediately added "Don't hug me! I have GERMS!"

And a big day in the as of yet short life of the Sweet Pea! Not only is she starting to really enjoy the chunks of pear and sweet potato and raisins and such in lieu of the pureed variety, but tonight something magical happened.

She was in the Boyo's room helping Mommy and the Boyo clean up, when she moved FORWARD in her crawl stance! To date, she has been really good about stretching both legs out behind her and pushing backwards with her arms. So to see her go forward was quite thrilling! The Wife and I both caught it, which was also quite wonderful!

In light of the cuteness and awesomeness that are my kids, and an amazing wife who just keeps encouraging to go for my dreams, what possible thrill could the Super Bowl hold for me?

More Later

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P.S. The almanac was wrong about the game. Yay!