Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Shop

The first month of this new year ends in about three and a half hours. Whoof, is time going fast! Today I hit the shop with both barrels, garbage barrels that is. And a few empty cardboard boxes and a Rubbermaid tote or two as well. All to collect those bits of detritus that are no longer welcome in my shop space.

You understand, of course, that I hoard things by nature. Nothing is of no value unless it absolutely can not be made into anything else. And so I collect and compile and store for years. Until the collecting and compiling and storing takes up the majority of space in the shop and I cannot do a thing in there except wander from pile to pile wishing I could do something with all of the stuff I've saved.

Well, enough is enough. I've picked out a few of my favorite projects, a few builds that I have all of the parts for and such, and I am literally pitching the rest in the rubbish pile!

It is quite liberating, but also rather sad. So much good stuff is going into the garbage. (And by "good" I mean any scrap of wood greater than 2 cubic inches, or any scrap of metal that I dream I can re-fabricate into something useful. So in reality, there is just junk going into the junk pile.)

A few more days like today and the shop will actually be a workable area!

Not too many hours left in today though, and I still want to do a bit more. So...

More Later

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