Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whee! Wii! Wee!

All's quiet in the house. A rare occurrence with a very active four year old boy and a nine month old who has discovered that not only is it OK to make noise while the Boyo is doing his best Taz impression, but that she can also out-vocalize him as well. Of course the Boyo loves this exchange of sound and ups the ante whenever possible.

As the Wife says so accurately, it is a wall of sound in our house. From wake up to fall asleep. Beautiful chaos.


The Wife has challenged me to focus. To focus on getting the shop up and running as a business. To focus on what I love to do. To focus on being happy. I've decided to take her up on the challenge! Because in the end, I only get one time around at this life. So if I am not happy, then I need to be taking steps to get happy.

I've started cleaning out the shop and getting geared up for some really fun projects. Shop clean out is going well. I'm done storing things. That is a huge switch. I tend to hoard things. Wood, metal, various parts and pieces. Just in case I need it for something later. But my shop space is limited, and it is full. I can't do the things I want to until I have more space. So logically, the junk must go! I live within spitting distance of a Lowe's and a Menard's, and a big old junkyard packed full of goodies to scavenge if and when the need arises. There is also enough construction going on at any given time that I frequently drive by dumpsters full of good wood and other odds and ends. So I'll scavenge when I need to and clear the stuff from my workspace!

Since the welder belonging to my father is currently in another state, my next projects are going to be mostly wood. I'm going to start bow building in a couple of weeks! I also have a couple of knives to finish, and I think I'd like to build a few bird houses and bird feeders...just for fun! Those last two are also something the Boyo can help with, and he'll dig that!


Also, we got a Wii for Christmas! And a Wii Fit set up. Now, it's been a good many years since I was in fighting trim, but I still have that Marine mindset that I can just go and do anything. My body, on the other hand, has failed to keep me informed of just how much muscle mass it has forfeited to Father Time. I think it was too busy enjoying the food to notice. I did the Wii Fit assessment thingy and it gave my Wii Fit age as 33. I didn't think that was too shabby for a 37 year old! So I started doing the exercises and stuff.

Guess what! I'm a 37 year old with great balance! That apparently is the major thing the Wii Fit board looks at, cause some of those little exercise games kicked my rear end! I've been at it a week now, and I'm still sore all over! And every time I exercise with it, it unlocks new games and training levels just to kick my butt even more!

It will be a great kick start for an actual exercise program though. And it is pretty fun!

The Boyo loves the Wii too. Which is great for his behavior. He gets to play if he's been a good boy the day before. Any transgressions and his Wii time gets cut down a bit. He's been oddly over cooperative and charming since the Wii came home. Above and beyond his usual self! And it turns out that he is a savant Wii bowler! He dances around, clicks the buttons and makes the little avatar scoot around, then he throws the ball without aim or reason. It's enough to make one want to tie the real Boyo down into his chair. Except the last game we bowled together, he scored a 179. He marked in every frame but the tenth, and had I think three or four strikes!

If anything, he has made me take game playing (and myself) much less seriously!


For the record, puppies have small bladders. Holly was cooped up most of the day because we were out and about. We have been careful about feeding/watering when we know we'll be gone for a time, but then she'll just gorge herself on snow when she goes out before we leave. Unfortunately we were gone just a little too long today, about three hours. The Wife has laundered Holly's bed. She's a pretty good dog though.

Well. I think it's bedtime. The Wife works the next couple of days, so it'll just be me and the kiddos hanging out and having fun.

More Later

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