Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Five days in and so much has happened!

We enjoyed a wonderful second Christmas with my folks to start off the new year. My brother and his family were there, and my sister and her family provided the venue. So the whole clan was together. It was a blast. My sibs and I got to play a few songs together, something that hasn't happened for too long. It was the best part of the trip for me, and we had many really great parts.

Upon returning home, the Wife went to work, and I went to pick up the dogs, who were staying at the local dog spa. Technically it's a kennel, but Ben thinks it's a spa, and has many canine friends there. Apparently he showed Holly the ropes, as the kennel folks said they had a great time together. Upon bringing them home, I brought them both upstairs, fully expecting to be sort of starting over with Holly. Much to my surprise though, the two of them started playing together in the kitchen. I watched in awe for a while, and then they got tired and crashed onto the floor, RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER, with no growling or snarling! Now it seems they are great pals. As I type this they are both lying contentedly on their dog beds, not more than a few feet from each other, and Ben is fine with it!

Holly is doing great with her memory too. She sits and stays on command, and has finally come to understand the 'going out' process. When Shoba and Rascal were here, I would have them all sit by the door. Then I would open the door and they would all continue to sit patiently until I said their name and 'go'. I could vary the order, and none of the three would go until I said they could. Now Holly has the hang of it too, making it much easier to let them out. She sticks to our yard as well. She has quickly become a welcome fourth dog for us. (Even though only two are still alive.)

The Wife and I were comparing dog notes, and it turns out that of all the dogs we've ever been privileged to be in a pack with, they have all been black or mostly black with the exception of one for me and one for her growing up. Perhaps we are destined to only have black dogs.

Anyway, all are healthy and happy here. I am hoping the new year finds you the same, and may the year bring you great joy and many good memories.

More Later

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