Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

This month has been crazy busy. Every day has had something planned, sometimes fun, sometimes not so much.

The Boyo has been keepig very busy with school and with teaching Sweet Pea all manner of new things. She for her part, has spent a lot of time looking cute and learning how to say new words... almost all of them acceptable!

The Wife and I have been adjusting to new work schedules and lots of recertification training.

Dad and I have started taking some blacksmithing classes. I'll get pictures of those up when I can. they are all on Dads camera. The first class we made neat little forge fire tenders. The second class Dad spent down in CR because Mom is in the hospital (more on that later too) I spent the second class making a cable damascus knife. Essentially learning to forge weld. Unfortunately, I welded so well, that the cable twist pattern got welded into a single solid mass of steel!

Ah well, a learning experience.

More on all of this later. Time is flying!

More Later

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