Saturday, June 12, 2010

Boyo Moves On

Friday was his very last day of Kindergarten!

The Wife dropped him off for the day with a present for his teacher, who we all thought was excellent.

I made the apple with vintage glass 'cause I thought it looked neat!

The Boyo had a great time all morning, and was not even a little teary when he came out for dismissal. This is directly opposite of how he's been acting all week, as every time we ask him if he's ready for summer, he says he is, but he's very sad that school is ending. We have assured him that there are many, many more years of school left. The only one with a lump in their throat as he came out of the hallway for the last time was me.

After school it was off to a favorite Mexican restaurant for a celebratory lunch, then home where his Welcome to Summer sign was waiting, stretched across the door and ready for him to burst through into Summer.

He wasn't sure what to do at first, since smashing through paper walls is not something we ordinarily do. After a faint hearted first try (he didn't want to break it after all) we assured him that it was meant to be torn through, and he mustered all of his six year old speed and energy and split the paper and raced into Summer!

Little does he know that he won't be getting a break from learning. That evening we worked on a calendar for June with activities such as multiple library days, letter days and number days. He'll get to work on math and money, daily reading time, manners and spelling. We even have a journal for him to write five sentences in each day about what he does that day.

Of course there are many fun things too. Clay days, bubble days, sprinkler days. Even campfires and an overnight camping trip are scheduled!

We have the first grade curriculum, and will be working him into that. The tricky part is, he is very smart. He's already reading well into a first grade level, and we got some books at the library last visit that are second grade level. He seems to be doing just fine with those as well. His assessments came in in the 97 - 100% range and his math skills are excellent as well. I remember being sort of bored in 1st - 3rd grade with some stuff because it was too easy for me. Reading especially. Our job will be to keep on challenging him, I guess. But for now... Summer time fun with some learning mixed in!

Happy Summer!

More Later

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