Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Today in Tri Training

I know it's only been a couple weeks since my last post... not even two really. But still, it's remarkable how much one can accomplish in so little time.

Today the dogs were restless, so after getting up to let them out, and in, and out again, I tossed any notion of getting back to sleep aside and went for a run/walk. I did 1.5 miles in 24 minutes. Which is respectable for me, though not for the Marine inside my head. (I used to be able to do three miles in around 22 minutes back in the day) Then after dropping the Boyo off at his sports camp (mornings this week where he gets to play t-ball, basketball and soccer with about twenty other hyper K-1 graders) I went to the lake for a swim. It opens at 10am and I was there at 10:04. This is definitely the time to go, as I had the entire beach and all of the water to myself!

After wading in and acclimating myself to the coldish water, I walked back up on the beach to start my stopwatch. Then I ran back in and swam. I did the first 140 yds freestyle, then a length of backstroke/sidestroke, then another length of free, then breast/side, then another length of free, then a back/breast/side length and finished with a slow but strong free. 560 yards total (or there abouts) and I climbed out of the water to stop the timer. 14 minutes and 2 seconds! This is not too shabby considering it's only my fifth time back in the water.

Of course, the trick now is to get the time down around or under ten minutes, and be able to climb from the water, go on a fifteen mile bike ride, and do a 5K run!

7 1/2 weeks until the tri. I'm feeling all at once as if I have plenty of time, and no time at all until race day. I am supremely confident that I can finish this sprint triathlon. My main objective is to finish it under 2 hours. I'm pretty confident that I can get my swim time down close to 10 minutes. I'm almost certain I can keep the ride time around an hour. And even if I do the run at this mornings pace, I can do it around 50 minutes. That leaves around five minutes for each transition time.

By George, I just might be able to finish under 2 hours!

More Later

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Sharon said...

Go for it!!! I am so proud of you for accepting this challenge. Just be careful... yea... it's 'Mom talk'... but have to say it :)