Friday, December 31, 2010


2011 is here.  Well... almost anyway. 

Next year I resolve to do the following, in no particular order...

I will finish blogging about China.

I will participate in another triathlon or three.

I will spend more time in the shop making knives and glass and other things.

I will spend more time playing with my kiddos than I do in the shop.

I will try to do more for the Wife who has supported me in this crazy adventure.

I will try to laugh more often, love more freely, forgive and let go.

I will do the best I can and not fear falling short.

I will look at the world through the eyes of my children to regain the wonder that is always there.

I will try to be more proactive than reactive.

I will wake earlier, to chase my goals and dreams with intensity.

I will live each day on purpose.

2010 is gone now, these days never to be regained.  Today I will spend considering the what ifs of the year.  Tomorrow I will let it go and move on.

Happy New Year to you all!  May it be filled with more joy than sorrow.  More dreams than tedium.  More love than ever before.

More Later

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Sharon said...

I love this post John... and you too.