Monday, January 24, 2011

Other Side of the... Bleh

So I'm recovering nicely from the event.  But I have no desire to write about it much.

Here's the short version.

11 hours in the ED.  CT scan showed a ruptured diverticulum.  IV antibiotics and a hospital stay.  Morphine for the first time.  Did not like.  I'm not geared to be a druggie.  Kept pushing for fewer pain meds in the three days I was there.  Finally released with follow up visits planned.  Was visited in hospital by Dad, our friend JM, one of my pastors, and of course the Wife and Kiddos.

In short, I feel pretty good now.  But I also feel like a ticking time bomb.  Every little twinge or grumble in my abdomen punches my anxiety up a notch.  Another episode so close on the heels of this one means surgery is likely.  And not just a quick go in for a pat down of the gut.  They're talking removal of part of the colon, probably a colostomy bag placed to drain poo while my colon rests and heals before they reattach the two ends.  A longer hospital stay.  I shudder at the prospect. 

Mostly though, I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  This too shall pass.

More Later

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