Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My New Ride

Upgrades, baby.  Sometimes they come at the weirdest times. I missed summer this year. Between Dad's adventures in Cardiology and exploring the afterlife, and Mom's adventures in Brain Injuries and regaining her life, and what seemed like hours at the various hospitals that were actually days and weeks... well, the summer flew by. 

Today, after about a year of learning all about bikes and doing some serious comparison shopping for months, a brand new Motobecane Nemisis showed up on my doorstep with my name on it!

It is a tri-specific bike, and rather than bore you with the myriad of details, I will say this... It is ten or twelve pounds lighter than my Big Yellow Beast, with rail thin tires about two thirds the width of the BYB tires. All of this to say it should be a rocket! I'm pretty pumped up to take it for a spin.  Maybe tomorrow when the Wife returns from work.

I am a little giddy at how light it is. Giddy, I tell you. I'll let you know how it all turns out.

More Later.

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RevMidnight said...

never heard of this brand I have been doing research as well... thinking of getting a road bike with hard tail but with the bigger tires for stability?? or so I thought but now I am doing more reading I am not so sure... we shall see.