Monday, August 29, 2011

Photography can be HARD

As we were driving home tonight, we passed a small field with a great number of dragonflies flying around, feeding. We raced home, grabbed a few cameras and headed back to see if we could get a few shots. 

Turns out it is REALLY hard to get good pictures of dragonflies while they are zooming around and eating. I shot well over 200 pictures in about thirty minutes. Thank goodness for digital cameras! Of those, these are the ones that were the best...
 I think this one is a Canada darner.

 Common Green Darner?

 Another Common Green?

 No idea, but I liked how the sun was flashing off the wings.

 Turn and burn, dragonfly style.

 Maybe a Common green, but with red eyes?

I wish this last one was in focus, it would have been awesome.  If you look closely you can just make out the dragonflies legs extending towards it's meal.
I'll keep practicing and practicing.  Those little suckers are FAST!

More Later

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