Sunday, September 29, 2013

Not Sure What To Do With All Of That

So, there you have it reader. Some days I look at that picture and wonder if it really all happened that way.  Then I'll re-read my journals and shake my head and ask God, or Wakan Tanka, just what I'm supposed to do next.

I have since joined the board of directors for the Re-Member organization, and have been working hard at getting Bluefeather Workshop stocked up to start doing some shows.  I've had the fun of having my parents living in the hotel across the road while Mom gets back on her feet, and watching the kiddos grow as they have been back in school. Our calender is filled with events.  Weddings, doctor appointments, workdays, play days... nary a day where nothing is happening.

In short, life is moving along. My mind is focusing on a bunch of irons in the fire and trying to stay ahead of them all.  Yet there is the picture.  A daily reminder that something happened to me.  The journals can be put on a shelf and forgotten.  But that picture greets me in the morning and wishes me a pleasant sleep at night.  I think about the Cloud Warrior often.  Wondering if I will see him again before another twenty one years pass. Wondering if there is more that I should be doing.  Wondering where this road will lead.

More Later

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