Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mi Nina

Yeah, that post title is supposed to be in Spanish.  I can't figure out how to do the little squiggle thingy above the "n".  I don't speak Spanish. Can you tell?

A while back, as the kiddos, Grampa and I were out shooting rockets, a group of latino men and women started gathering to play soccer as soon as we vacated the fields.

We had a nice chat with some of them, and encouraged their kids to look at the rockets and have some fun with us, when my little sweet pea realized they were speaking Spanish.

She approached a man who was playing with a son about her age, and asked if he spoke Spanish.

"Si." He said, "Yes I do."

"I do to!" She said proudly. Having watched multiple episodes of Dora the Explorer has given her confidence in her Spanish speaking chops.

The nice man said "What can you say?"

"Glacias!" She said proudly, unable to roll her r's. "It means thank you."

"Do you mean 'gracias'?" The man asked, rolling his r slightly.

"No, no." She corrected him 'GLA-cias'!  GL, GL, GL... like that." Supreme confidence.

The man and the surrounding group got a big chuckle out of my little linguist. As did I.  

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