Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fondant Fest!

The big birthday/mother's day bash is approaching rapidly, and the whole house is upended for the festivities. We've moved the living room furniture to the dining room and the dining room stuff to the living room. Now there will be enough room for everyone at the table!

We've got not only family coming this time, but friends too! We've been working to get our list's done, and I have a ton more to do on mine, along with a couple of night shifts Thursday and Friday nights. So sleep deprivation will be the name of the game this week!

This past evening saw us making three batches of something called fondant. This is an edible elastic frosting type substance, a little like silly putty or clay. This will be used on Saturday to cover the two cakes we'll be making.

The Boyo is a big fan of Wall-E, so we'll be trying to create him in 3-D form. Sweet Pea is getting a cake similar to the one we made for the Boyo on his first birthday, only utilizing the previously mentioned fondant instead of the powdered sugar and water frosting we used on the Boyo's cake. (He had a milk allergy at the time, so the cake and the frosting were dairy free!)

Anyway, the fondant was pretty simple to make, but messy, messy, messy! I'm anxious to try it out on the cakes! Saturday should be a fun cake building extravaganza!

More Later

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Sharon said...

I can't wait to see the results... and hear all about it. I am always awed by the "fondant fantasies" I see in magazines... but how does one DO it? I am READY for the 10th... am a little concerned how much actual 'holding time' I'll manage with all the competition... do grandmothers get first chance? :)