Thursday, May 7, 2009

Speedy the Computer

Speed! What a wonderful thing on a computer.

One of the drawbacks to loving my digital camera is that I've downloaded about a bajillion pictures over the year. They've been eating up so much memory that our computer slowed way, way down. So we finally bit the bullet and bought an external hard drive. 500 GB of pure storage power baby!

So I spent last night moving pictures off of the computer onto our handy new storage space. After all was said and done, I'd moved almost 15 GB of pictures and almost audibly heard the computer take a deep breath as if a huge weight was lifted from it.

And now... it's back to moving at actual computer like speeds!


More Later


Sharon said...

How about sending some of those pictures my way?!!

Anonymous said...

Do they make such a device for humans? How much and where do you get it?