Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Twelve is the number of days left until the triathlon. Between my Saturday night and Sunday night shifts, I managed to pedal fifteen miles in less than an hour for the first time! The trails around my place of employment are pretty flat compared to my regular route at home. I ended up going 15.5 miles, the full length of the coming tri, in 1.01:14. Then I hopped off my bike (see: staggered) and started doing laps around the hospital. Turns out the road that runs full circle-ish around the facility is just a shade over a half mile. My goal was to go at least two miles.

I had to start out walking, as my legs were still a bit rubbery. For the first mile I ran for a minute or to, then walked about the same. For the second mile, I extended the running (jogging) distances, and shortened the walks. When I started on mile three, I decided to just see how far I could jog without stopping. I did about a loop and a half! So about 3/4 mile jogging! Then I walked a bit to listen to an older guy who was walking the laps tell me about his knee replacement and doctor orders and past health history, and wife's health history. I parted ways with him as gracefully as I could and finished the loop jogging! six times around is about 3.3 miles, so just over a 5K - which is the distance of the tri! It took me 44 minutes. Not great, but much better than any previous "runs", both in time and distance!

I spent monday recovering, and I'm hoping to get a swim and a run in yet today. Next week I'll do a little taper for the event. Then it will be time! Twelve is the number of days left until the triathlon.

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