Friday, August 27, 2010

This Is It, Here We Go!

Today I had my last workout, and hopefully experienced all of the things that could go wrong, before my first triathlon.

The plan was simple. An easy swim, a short bike, a mile run. Practice the transitions most of all.

The swim went fine, I felt great. Then after I decided to try a running start into the water just to make sure my suit would stay in place. On my last step before I dove in, my right foot found a rock. That has developed into a nice light purple, quarter size bruise right in the middle of the bottom of my foot! It's a little puffy and VERY tender. Should be fun to bike and run on!

I didn't sweat it though. I just went up to practice my T1. Got the bike of it's spiffy new bike rack that hangs it on the back of our SUV, and noticed the rear tire was a bit low. Well, I just got a spiffy new tire pump WITH a gauge, too! So I hooked it up and sure enough, it was mighty low. I pumped it up to recommended levels and removed the pump... and was greeted by a great rushing of air and flattening of the rear tire! I fiddled with it for a few moments, but quickly realized that it was not going to hold air for me anymore, and I am not a bike mechanic. Fortunately the bike shop that tuned it up so well was only a few miles away, and I was sure they could have me back on the road in no time. So I opened up the back and tossed my stuff in, then closed it to put my bike back on the rack.

What I did not count on was the bike rack arm swinging down and leaving a three inch gash in my forehead! It started bleeding immediately, of course. Thankfully it wasn't deep, but will leave a visible reminder in all of the pictures from this weekend to pay attention to what I'm doing when I load up!

I went to the bike shop and the bleeding was stopped by the time the tire was finished. I bought a spare tube in case the front tire poops out on me on race day and headed out the door. I briefly considered going for my bike and swim, but the wife is working an overnight tonight and we are headed for the Triathlon tomorrow. So I wanted to get home and let her sleep some before her shift.

Tonight I decided to do something I have not done since my last race in high school. I shaved down. When I was a Warrior Swimmer, we shaved our bodies and heads to show just how committed we were to going our very fastest. It was Warrior Pride at its finest, as most other swimmers would wear swim caps. But we were state champs for all four of the years I was there, and national champs twice, so there may have been something to it.

I didn't shave my head or beard this time, as the Boyo was worried that he would not recognize me without those. But I did everything else not covered by my suit. I remember way back when that swimming after the shave always felt REALLY fast. I felt closest to a dolphin on those days. What I did not remember was how long it took. I also have a considerably larger amount of hair this time!

But, I will feel fast in the water again. And maybe even on the bike a bit. Which will help me feel good for the run. And I need all the help I can get on this one! I've trained hard for 9 1/2 weeks. Now it is time to go do it!

Wish me luck!

More Later

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