Friday, August 20, 2010

Nine Days Left...

...and the butterflies are already stirring.

Today was pretty nice though. When I started this little adventure back in late June, I thought that I'd like to be at least doing the sprint tri distances by a week or two before the actual tri. I hit the 500 yard mark long ago, and my bike rides have been up over 15 miles for some time now. My runs (jogging and walking time) have gone over the three mile mark a grand total of twice before today.

But today was the first time I put it all together. I did a 600 yard swim and ran up to my vehicle, which contained my bike and other gear. That took a total of 12 minutes. Then I headed out on the bike and did 15.63 miles in 1:08:38. Stashed the bike back in my car and hit the road walking. It takes a good mile and a half of alternating between jogging and walking to get my legs under me, and even then I need to stop once or twice. But managed to go 3.1 miles in 43:29. Those are all sprint distances (or more for the swim) and I finished the whole thing!

The total time was around 2:05, give or take, because I didn't really time the transitions. But I was pleased with my performance, and know that I can and will improve!

My confidence is very high for finishing, and I'm looking forward to race day!

More Later

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