Saturday, February 5, 2011


So I've signed up for three sprint triathlons for this summer.  That's right... three.  Pigman near Palo, Ia.  Rochesterfest, here in my town.  Hickory Grove, which was my very first one last year.  I'll also be signing up to do the Tour de Kirkwood down where my brother lives.  He is signing up too.  And I think my Dad may be joining us for that one as well.

After the intestinal troubles I've been having, I am realizing just how lucky I am to be able to do these sprint tri's.  And also how much work is involved in training for them!  My gut set my training back by a couple of weeks, and now I'm playing catch up - trying to get my running miles up to where they should have been by now. 

Of course, I'm also being cautious, because I don't want to push myself into injury.  My gut is still a little twingy too, and that has cut a run or two short.

But I am still super motivated to do these tri's.  Mostly because of how great I felt after the first one I ran.  I knew I was not anywhere close to my USMC fitness levels.  Back then I was running 7 minute miles for the 3 mile runs.  But I felt much better than I had in months.  Maybe years.  And the training was a lot of fun! 

This year my goal is weight loss and building up those old muscles again.  Times are a close second.  Most of all, I want to improve my running.  So I will be doing more running than last year.  Hopefully by the end of the season I will not only have met and exceeded my goals, but will still be alive to enjoy the rewards!

So if I can train for four triathlons this year... almost anyone can.  What's your excuse for not doing something like this?  :)

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