Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chapter 14 - Manic Monday

Monday was thankfully injury free for the group of volunteers and staff, and that night the speaker was Will Peters again. He greeted Jack warmly when they met again, and Jack asked if Will wanted some back-up vocals for his song that night.  Will was open to it, and Jack wondered if he had heard a twinge of doubt in Will’s voice about allowing an unknown variable into his performance.

But Jack knew it would work out alright.  He had a pretty good voice, and had made up a harmony part to the song Will would sing on the way home from the Rez last year.  So when the time for the song came, Jack sang along with Will.  He sang from his heart, and it sounded pretty darn good.

After the song, while the crowd was applauding, Will came over and shook Jack’s hand.  Leaning in close he said “That was bad-ass, man! Really, really cool! Thanks!”

“Thanks for letting me sing along!” Jack said.

After the talk and the usual crowd of fans wanting autographs and chat with Will, Jack walked Will and his wife Lena out to their car.

“Sorry we didn’t get much chance to talk, Misun.” Will said.

“Me too.” Said Jack.

“Hey, if you want to, my family and friends are having the Sundance this week. You could come hang out with us there if you want sometime this week.”

Jack was shocked and thrilled by the invitation.  The Lakota consider the Sundance to be the most important, most sacred ceremony.  Jack had heard about them, had read about them for years.  But he never expected to actually see one in person. He didn’t hesitate to accept, and after some arrangements made on Tuesday, Jack and Erika – one of the staffers and a new good friend of Jack’s – were all set to go see the Sundance on Wednesday.

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