Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chapter 16 - Back on the Rez

16. When He returned that August, he was welcomed at Re-Member like family. Erika and Jack, along with another Re-member staffer named Dan, all went to Will and Lena’s house to run through songs.  They stayed up late into the night working up harmonies to songs they were hearing for the first time.  The next day they all headed up to Rapid City to record. It was a lot of fun, and a little stressful since they were doing all the recording for the backups in one day.
The name of the album, Will told them, was going to be "Back on the Rez" which would also be the title song.  The music was fun and upbeat.  Sticky, as Jack's wife would say.  The tunes catchy and memorable.  Jack hadn't been in a recording studio in quite some time, and he had a blast.
After the final tracks were down, Will and Lena took their backup singers out for dinner, where the group bonded even more.
The night before Jack left, he and Will sat out in Will’s backyard talking for hours. They talked about their families. They talked about the similarities and differences between Christianity and Lakota spiritual practices.  There are so many more similarities than differences.  The only real differences are how prayers are offered, and the level of spirituality of the practitioners.  The Lakota pray every day for everything.  They believe, as did Jack, that God is everywhere and in everything.  They are thankful for what they have, and are better attuned to spiritual signs than most Christians.
Jack asked Will what Misun meant, since Will had addressed him as Misun in many e-mails and in person a few times.
"It means 'younger brother'." Will said.
Jack left the next morning knowing that he probably wouldn’t be back until the Spring.  But the important thing was that he would be back.

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