Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not So Oldies, but Still Goodies

My wife is a fan of 80's TV. Since we disconnected our cable back in 2003, we've relied on DVD's and videotape for our viewing pleasure. We have a pretty extensive video library in many a genre, and of course a goodly supply of "Baby Einstein" and "Clifford the Big Red Dog". Now my wife has discovered that our local library has on hand a great many videos of all shapes and sizes as well. Amongst them, "Remington Steele". That early 80's gumshoe classic with Pierce "I'll be James Bond Soon" Brosnan, and Stephanie "Not Going to be in Much Else" Zimbalist.

Unfortunately they are very addictive and fun to watch. They are also an obvious precursor to "Moonlighting" the Bruce Willis, Cybill Shepherd. Also addictive and fun to watch.

So, I'm up late, late, late. Watching Remington Steele and cleaning up after the two wild children. Sweet Pea is crawling. She's fast, and she knows exactly what to get into to create maximum chaos. The Boyo is the same. But he runs. In fact, he is so quick that we have actual pictures of empty spaces that he used to be occupying just moments before. Of course, we get very little done around here when those two are around. But they are a sheer delight to watch and play with. I don't think I giggle as much anywhere else or doing anything else as when I spend time with those two.

Anyway. Dishes are done. I think I'll unload those, solve the current mystery on RS and hit the hay.

More Later

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