Monday, April 13, 2009

Taxes and Peppers

Done with a two nighter. uff. And about a billion things to chat about. On the commute home I usually come up with one or two things I'd like to ruminate on here. Yet somehow by the time I get home, I forget most of them.

Today though I got to thinking a bit about taxes and the financial situation of our country and world. I have nothing new to add to the gripes and woes from folks who have already been heard. We've lived beyond our means, we've racked up debt, we have greedy people who know the game running the game and screwing the rest of us. Yada yada yada.

It seems like it's time for an actual change. A return to something logical and comprehensible by average mathematicians like me. I can't figure out the logic behind giving out tax refunds, then taxing them the next year. Or the fact that the tax code reads like legalese vomited from the heads of twenty completely insane lawyers.

In other news, the peppers are starting to come up! Very exciting. Only a month and a half until planting day, and I can hardly wait! If all goes well, I'll have peppers of the red, yellow, green, purple, chocolate and orange colors, from very sweet to very hot!

Good times, good times.

More Later

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Sharon said...

It's much more fun to think about peppers than taxes, isn't it! Am already looking forward to more pepper jelly... even though I still have some in my "stash"