Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Business and Pleasure

The weather is warming up! The sun is shining, the my seedlings are growing, life is renewing at a remarkable rate.

Not much to complain about on a day like this. Life's usual challenges and headaches. But life goes on.

We are closing in on the launch date of my official website, the website for Bluefeather Gardens and Workshop. It will be a work in progress for a time, but at least I'll have an official web presence. In my own little fantasy world, I'd be able to drum up enough business to be a stay at home dad, make fun stuff in the shop and garden, and have no more financial worries!

In real life, I think it will probably be a nice source of occasional additional income. But I'd never know how far it could go unless I take the chance! I've made a few mistakes in getting started, but nothing to hold me back from getting going.

In other news, the kiddos are growing like weeds! Seems like everything the Boyo wears is getting smaller, until it's time to move him while he's sleeping. Then I realize just how much he's grown! Yesterday he was asking me if he could be the Daddy and I could be the Boyo. I think he really wants to be in charge around here! I keep telling him that even for all of the choices we let him make from day to day, Mommy and Daddy are still in charge.

Sweet Pea meanwhile is learning to communicate VERY effectively. She'll point at what she wants with a firm "Dat" and is not at all afraid to mix it up with the dogs or the Boyo when she wants whatever they are playing with!

I live for their smiles! They get each other giggling and it makes my day.

Yes, life is good. For all it's challenges, life is good.

More Later

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