Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy Week

Yes, Yes. I've been gone for awhile. this is what happens when one travels to ones parents for a couple of days of fun and welding, followed by a four day weekend of random twelve hour shifts.

But I'm back now, so here's the catch up. (Mmmmm Ketchup!)

All four of us and our dogs piled into the car at the beginning of last week and headed to my folks house. Officially we were there so Dad and I could weld together a tower for his Topsy Turvy tomato bags.

Mission accomplished. I think we should call it :
Terry's Terrific Topsy Turvy Tomato Tower Thingy.

We got a gigantor tomato cage/tower welded up for his raised bed too. Now he should be able to harvest a good crop of the little red tasty treats.We also got some furniture moved around for mom and some organizing done!

We also had a delightful time visiting with the parentals.

I've only got two of the topsy turvy thingie, but I think I might have to make a tower like this sometime too!

The three shifts of paramedicing were eventful and stressful, and nothing I get to share here. So I'm looking forward to an upcoming ten day gap between shifts to relax, build and decompress!

More Later

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