Monday, June 1, 2009


Or nearly so.

In these pictures you can see the results of two days of planting thus far.

There are 22 tomato plants of the following varieties :Amish Paste (a red paste making tomato), Green Zebra (green with gold stripes, and very tasty), Gold Medal (orange and red), Nyagous (black tomato), Japanese Trifele Black (another black tomato, supposed to be better than Roma's), Roma (my favorite little pear tomato, red and tasty and great for making anything!), White Beauty (creamy yellowish-white tomato, also quite tasty), and Italian Heirloom (a standard red tomato).

There are also 48 pepper plants of the following varieties : Ancho Gigantea (which I plan on smoking and making into chipotles), Buran (a big red sweet pepper for jelly making), Chervena Chushka (another big red sweet pepper for jelly), Chocolate Beauty (because who has ever eaten a brown pepper? Will the jelly be brown too?) Hot Portugal (to spice up some salsa), Jalapeno (spice for the jelly, salsa and to be smoked into chipotles as well), Marconi Red (see Buran), Napolean Sweet (See Buran), Orange Bell (for orange jelly), Purple Beauty (for purple jelly), Quadrato Asti Giallo (the Boyo's choice for peppers. It's green and yellow striped), and Wisconsin Lakes (all eight planted sprouted and grew well, hoping for a big yield from this big red pepper to be used for, what else, JELLY!)

There are also two Green Tomatillo plants way up near the shop. These will produce more than enough tomatillos for Tomatillo Salsa and to be used in other salsas.

All that's left are planting the beans, basil and sage... I do love to garden! Though if this gets much bigger, I'm going to start calling it hobby farming.

(Ooooh! Suppose the Wife will let me get a tractor? Like an old Ford 8n? That would be cool!) Man, I need to just move to an actual hobby farm.

Well. Pooped tonight. The family is too. They were all in bed before 9. I'm following shortly as soon as the dogs decide to take care of a little business so they can sleep in in the morning.

More Later

One last thing. Condolences to My Friend Jen who's Grandfather passed away this morning. I know they had been expecting it, but that doesn't make it suck any less. My prayers are for her to take a little time out from all of her being strong and go fall into someones arms for awhile and cry and be not so strong. And to come out on the other end of the next few weeks stronger and remembering the good stuff about her Grandfather. With you in Spirit if not actually my friend.

More Later

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