Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Night Welding

What a fine day it was today. After running to Menards to pick up some rebar for bean poles, The Boyo and I decided to take a time-out-lie-down-for-a-little-bit-to-try-and-chill. For he was very hyper today.

It seems that when he turned five, a switch was flipped to OVERDRIVE, and he has been going non-stop ever since. The volume has increased on his super power, that being the mighty Wall of Sound. And if I could just rig up a huge hamster wheel to the power grid and let him go, I'm sure we'd be selling juice back to the city.

Anyway, I finally got to cutting the rebar around dusk and had welded up one bean tower when it was time to put the kiddos to bed for the night. Always a fun time. The Boyo had earned a bedtime Unicorn story, which turned out to be about how to use your super powers to stay calm. After that and saying goodnight to the Sweet Pea, I headed back to the welder.

It had run out of wire, and while reloading that, I was having some trouble getting it to feed through. Now, my knowledge of how this machine works is limited to turning it on and welding. So I did what I always do when something seems broken. I took it apart to see if I could fix it.

It took some doing, and I did learn a great deal about the inner workings of my little welder, but I finally had reverse engineered it to the point where I found the problem and was able to fix it! By the time I had it all back together again, night had fallen.

So I moved the whole operation in front of the garage where our security light provided enough light to see what I was doing. I then finished up with three more bean towers! I have a total of seven now, and will have a great deal of bean soup stored up for the winter! And I loves my bean soup!

On top of feeling like I built the bean towers to survive a nuke, and fixing the welder, and having a pretty good day with the family, I got the rebar on sale! I might go back soon and stock up for more towers and cages!

I'll get pictures tomorrow of the bean towers. Until then...

More Later

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