Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The Boyo just finished the first snow day of his scholastic career! And it was a doozy! We had a huge blizzard slam into us, dumping tons of snow. I don't know who calculates it, or how. But we've got over a foot in our yard where there was withered grass yesterday.

The morning began with all of us snug in our beds. The phone rang as the missus and me were stirring. It was a dear friend calling for assistance. Her car was stuck in an unplowed road. I started to gear up for a winter rescue mission. My first thought upon opening the door to warm up our vehicle was that the clouds had vomited up too much snow. It was just over knee deep as I waded out to start up our Highlander. The wind was really whipping and drifting the snow in great mounds against whatever it could hit.

By the time I had shoveled that off and scraped the windows, our friend had already received a ride to work. So we made plans to try and extricate her car after her shift. I figured that as long as I was all dressed warmly, I'd get the snowblower going and take a crack at the driveway. It started up like a champ, and soon I was plowing away. The snow was so deep that I had to take it off in two layers! Fortunately it was very light and fluffy. But it still took twice as long. By the time the drive was clear, I had ice hanging from my beard, and my glasses were literally iced over from the fine, misty snow landing on the warm lenses.

The dogs were released to romp and play in the snow. I don't think Holly remembered snow, as she spent a great deal of time leaping through it and burrowing under it, trying to figure out how it worked. I tried playing fetch with her using a snowball, and she always ran right to the hole made by the little snowy orb. But she never did retrieve any.

The children awoke and we had a great day getting started on making Christmas presents and watching movies and lots of play, play, play!

We finished the day with a warm Mac & Cheese supper and toffee bars made by the Wife last night. The wind has died down a bit, leaving our back wall nearly encapsulated.

Happy Blizzard everyone! I guess we'll have a white Christmas after all!

More Later

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