Thursday, December 10, 2009

That was Different

Just sold my first knives on the Etsy website! It's a little like eBay, but for handmade or vintage items only, so I'm not competing with the factory made knives or the much cheaper production knives from third world countries that are imported over here for resale.

I sold these two.

The Red Fox

The Cherokee

As usual, I am little sad to see them go because I like them so much. But their sale means I have some more cash to buy more supplies for more knives! Etsy seems like a good outlet for some of my stuff. Listing prices are decent and they don't gouge on commission like eBay does. I also like Etsy because they let me call mammoth tooth...mammoth tooth! Unlike eBay that forbids the sale of mammoth tooth because it comes from "endangered species". Of course, eBay has a little wider customer base, so I'll keep listing there as well.

Also, today I made my first "jewelry piece" from some scrap mammoth tooth. Take a peek.

It beats just throwing away the scraps, and maybe I can start selling them too!

More Later


Sharon said...

No wonder! I didn't look on Etsy! But was looking for your knives... are there any on ebay right now? I'm glad you've found another outlet for your fine work. Love the mammoth tooth pendant too... a whole new world opens up? Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

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