Friday, November 26, 2010

We Gather Together

 Ahhhh, Turkey.  a list of side dishes that rivals a restaurant.  Pies made from home grown pumpkin.  And good friends joining us for the meal.  Could it get better?

We had Thanksgiving proper here at the house and had a couple of friends come over to help us eat all of the food! 

I was in charge of the bird, the sweet potatoes, the pies, the gravy and just for fun, I added a plate of deviled eggs.  After our shopping prep, we had no room for more eggs, so the leftovers got boiled, deviled and consumed not too long after our guests arrived!  the turkey came out golden and juicy.

In the morning when I awoke, I got busy butchering pumpkins for the pies.  I had lots of pumpkin and doubled the batch, giving us these two pies...
And a couple of 9x9 pans with crust less pumpkin pie.

We were all concerned about the timing a little, with so many things to cook and only the one stove.  But everything was done precisely on time!  A Thanksgiving miracle!

Soon after dinner, I fell into a pleasant turkey coma while the kiddos watched How to Tame Your Dragon.

Now we get to have one more at the Hotel with my folks!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

More Later

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