Sunday, September 23, 2012


Yesterday my kiddos were arguing. I could hear them from where I was.  The Boyo was poking at the Sweet Pea verbally, and she was getting a little hot under the collar.

Picking, picking, picking. And I could hear her getting more and more frustrated until she yelled at him to stop!

I walked in to intervene (I like to stay out of it for a little bit to see how they resolve their issues).

"What is going on in here?" I asked.

"Daddy?" Sweet Pea said.

"Yes dear?"

"My brother is AGONIZING me!" She said with her best angry, pouty lipped face.

"Do you mean 'antagonizing'?" I asked.

"Yes.  He's antagonizing me!"

Apologies were offered and accepted. We talked about better ways to treat each other and better ways to express frustration.  We role played a little.  And Sweet Pea got ten points for her attempted vocabulary!

And life goes on.

I love my kiddos!

More Later

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