Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kasey Kinnzensox - part two

Yesterday was her first full day as a part of our pack. As expected she spent most of the day wandering around the house looking a bit dazed.  We all tried to stay quiet and calm, and make her welcome.

She gets along well with Holly, with the playing and stuff.  But as night approached, I was worried about more whining and crying and other puppy type things.

But after we went out for the last tie, I put them both on the landing, which serves as a large kennel, and turned out most of the lights to see what would happen.

Holly plopped down on her bed, and Kasey looked at her for a second, sniffed the blanket we had down for her (one of Shoba's) turned around three times and settled in!

And that was the last I heard from her all night!

This morning we heard a small whine, so soft and short that we had to listen for it to see if it was coming from the dogs.  After a bit it came again.  Still small and short. It wasn't Holly.  When she gets started, she'll sing a song.

So I got up and went to look.  There were the two dogs, sitting patiently, waiting to go out! 

When we came back inside from a successful outing, I noted with some pleasure that Kasey was actually wagging her tail, greeting the family as we came out of bedrooms, and seemed all together 100% happier than she had the day before.  She is still looking a little dazed from time to time.  But I have even better vibes about her this morning that she will settle into our family well.

I also noticed that she is sort of a mix of the "Big Three", Shoba, Ben and Rascal.  Her face looks like Shoba especially the way she uses her ears, and she is mellow like her. Likewise her temperament is similar to Rascal in that she is sweet and LOVES the kiddos.  And when her tail pops up and curls around to wag, it is very reminiscent of the way Ben's tail looked.

These similarities are not enough to make me sad for the loss of the other three, but to remember them fondly and see that this dog should do well here.

We were also thinking about the name Tanner for her.  Because she is TANNER than ANY OTHER DOG WE HAVE EVER HAD!  It is a little strange to see her padding about, as having all or mostly  black dogs has been the norm since 1997.  But she is cute and sweet.

In short.  We like her.

More Later

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