Thursday, November 27, 2008


The least appreciated of all major holidays. The hype for Halloween starts around September, and what happens the day after we've hyped up our children on sugar? ON TO CHRISTMAS! Thanksgiving gets no respect.

Oh, people still celebrate it. Eat too much food, watch some football, play games with the family. But it seems like very few people really get what the day is for anymore.

Thanksgiving. A day of giving thanks. The original Pilgrim celebrants were actually fasting for three days while giving thanks. Those wacky Puritans! Putting the 'grim' in Pilgrim! But the local natives came in and shook things up a bit, with feasting, games and celebrating. Fast forward almost 400 years, and we've taken the Native American approach to a day of thanks giving rather than our Puritan forefathers.

The difference, again, is that the Wampanoag actually gave thanks for the blessings of the harvest, of their families, of their friends. These days we give thanks if the team of our choice wins.

Still, the Wife, Boyo, Sweet Pea and I shared the Thanksgiving meal with our good friends. Everything was tasty and filling, and while I had to leave to go to work, the time spent was most enjoyable. I am thankful for the table of food that we all shared. Thankful for the blessings we've had this year. Thankful for my family of origin, and most thankful for The Wife who loves me and the children we were blessed with.

So, Happy Thanksgiving! May the next year bring you many blessings, food, shelter, warmth and health.

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