Sunday, November 30, 2008

Of Puppies and Packs

Well, here's how I know I'm ready for a new pack member. I learned today that Tobias has found a home, just not with us. I got a little choked up. So I know I'm ready for a new dog.

Snowflake found a home, and so did Skunk. Apparently we have good taste in dogs, as everybody wants the ones we want!

We'll keep looking and see if we can't find our new puppy, or have it find us.

More Later


Sharon said...

Ohhhhh... I got choked up too! But I, too, know you are really ready for a new canine family member. Good luck... I know he/she is out there!

clan martinez said...

Oh no! We had something similar happen to us - the dog we had our hearts set on turned out to be more like a certain un-named dog that even Bobbi didn't like. Then our other top two choices were already adopted before we even made it to the shelter.

But lucky for us, the dog we were meant to have arrived at the shelter while we were waiting for Noah (the dog we thought we wanted) to get back from vacation; they hadn't even had her long enough to have her groomed and "altered", let alone post her picture to the website (otherwise she probably would have been adopted before we had a chance to meet her).

If the timing had been any different, we wouldn't have met her. So I know that this delay is just so you will be available for YOUR dog who is on the way to finding you.

I hope your dog doesn't make you wait too much longer before finding you!

Love you guys!
Zuki's new pack