Monday, December 1, 2008


Happy December everyone! The search for a new pack member continues for us. But my sister's family has found one! She's not the one they were looking at, but as way leads on to way, turned out to be their dog.

We've decided to put the melancholy over Tobias behind, and start the adoption process on another dog. Meet Marco...

He's a Border Collie puppy, full of energy. We liked the pictures and liked the description. I think we're first in line for him. But we still have to meet him to see how we all interact.
I'm trying not to get my hopes up this time. If he's the right dog for us, then things will work out fine. If not, well, then we'll continue the search!
Rascal was a Border Collie mix, and was pretty much a puppy when he found us, so we have some experience with the breed. They are also known for their intelligence, and Marco's description states that he is learning quickly.
Rascal was a really great dog. But he didn't start out that way.
He was friendly, and very much the rubber puppy from day one. But when we brought him home he immediately started marking his territory, and moved so quickly that he had marked three or four spots before we could get him out the door. 'Rascal' was the nicest thing we could think to call him that wasn't an expletive! But he soon learned the ways of the pack, and was a fantastic dog for the better part of a decade.
Marco has too much white fur to look like Rascal. But if he's half as smart as Rascal was, we'll do just fine getting him trained to the pack. So, final results pending, but here's our newest possibility!
More Later


Sharon said...

Oh dear... I may have trouble NOT getting my hopes up for this one...What a cool dog! And I know border very first dog was one...his name was Kim and he was definitely a winner! He was a WONDERFUL kid dog as well as a real help to Opa with the cattle. He protected us kids when we were around the cattle and always stayed between us and visitors. In fact, Nana once put Mimi outside in the baby buggy to catch some sun and Opa came home from town and Kim wouldn't let him come near her...Nana finally called Kim inside!
So... I have my fingers crossed! Good Luck!

Alton said...

Wow… he is such a lovely pet.

clan martinez said...


...sorry, I'm just imagining what the neighbors will say when you call the dog...

Good luck! I can't wait till your dog finds you!!!