Monday, December 8, 2008

Long Week

A lot of stuff happened this past week. Not all of it all that great. I'm sure I'll write more on the happenings in the future. No worries though, I've got thick skin and am doing just fine.

Yesterday was Pearl Harbor day though. A day to reflect on the events that led to US involvement in WWII. A sneak attack. American forces caught by surprise. A foe that underestimated the fighting spirit and determination of the Americans. A long war with much damage done.

That fateful December morning was definitely a wake up call. Our foes hoped they had delivered a blow that would ensure their ultimate victory. But we rose up, gathered our resources, and fought back.

Ultimately, our world was forever changed. I wonder what would have happened had the enemy decided not to do the sneak attack. If they had talked things over with us first, about the problems they were having and such. Perhaps things would have been different.

But, we'll never know. The war was joined and their fate was sealed. All because their leaders made a poor decision and awakened a sleeping giant.

There are many lessons that can be learned from history. Unfortunately, many people ignore history and make the same mistakes. Pearl Harbor was a tragic event for our country, but it gave rise to a new America. Sometimes from conflict comes a better future. Unfortunately most humans think the only way to resolve a conflict is through fighting. They just aren't smart enough to know any other way. Well... Here's hoping future conflicts can be settled by talking rather than fighting.

More Later

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