Thursday, December 11, 2008

John of the Hood the sequel

We had our last archery class tonight. Shot from the 20 yard line. It was pretty fun. I alternated between the compound bow and the recurve. Lots of differences in those bows, but I did pretty well. With the sighted compound bow I could keep my groupings within six inches or so. Not quite so good with the recurve. That one is definitely more of an art form to shoot!

It doesn't cost much to rent equipment there, and I think as the kiddos grow, it might be a fun pastime to get into!

In other news, when I went to class tonight, gas was at $1.45, I thought to myself that I would fill up on the way home. But when I left class, everything had changed to $1.69! How long was I in that class???

Crazy days with gas prices. Something is rotten in Denmark...

More Later

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