Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holly Comes Home

We have a kennel still from our dog fostering days. We almost threw it out this last summer, but figured perhaps it would come in handy should we get a new dog. Unfortunately it is too big for the back of our vehicle, so we had to improvise with Holly a bit.

The Boyo got to pick out a new collar and leash for her. We had been emphasizing that she was a girl, since the Boyo had said "good boy" a few times, and wanted to name her Joseph. So he viewed the rack of collars with a critical eye, and very quickly grabbed the pink collar. We bought a matching pink leash too.

We took our new puppy out to the SUV and had a time figuring out how to get her to stay in the back! Finally we figured it out and were on our way.

Holly is a great traveller. She sat for a bit, and sniffed a lot. I had put a piece of carpet down in the back the day before to bring Ben up. I don't usually re-carpet over a carpeted place, but when I had taken our part of a Thanksgiving dinner over to some friends for that holiday, some turkey gravy had spilled on the factory installed rug. Now, my gravy is fantastic, and no match for even the most well behaved canine. Unfortunately about half way home Holly had a stinky accident on that carpet covering. We stopped and cleaned up, and threw the offending carpet into a dumpster. But that left no shielding between Holly and the gravy.

So the distraction game began. We called her name (which she had learned by the time we got home) tried to coerce her with pats on the head. Even had a stick that the Boyo had previously put in the car that we used to play. But the gravy was too powerful.

At one point I heard a ripping sound. The Wife crawled back to check on the damage and started laughing hysterically. she sat back in the seat and handed me the vehicle logo, cleanly ripped from the carpeting. When she could finally speak, the Wife said that Holly had looked up with it in her mouth and handed it over.

When we got home, the introductions to life at our house began...

More Later

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