Friday, July 3, 2009


Can I just tell you about the awesomeness that is my kids. They are funny and charming and remarkably polite sometimes. Some highlights from the past few days...

The Boyo has been working on vocabulary lately, and trying out new words to be used in appropriate situations. Proper meanings of words and such. (Today's word: filigree) Anyway, he climbed into bed with the Wife and I the other morning and was talking and mentioned that outside looked contabulous.

Hmm? Looked what? I asked.

"Contabulous." He repeated.

"What does that mean?" The Wife asked.

"Nothin'!" He exlaimed proudly!

For this next story we need a little crowd participation. Open your mouth and sing an "ahh" note. Hold it, stick out your tongue and waggle it back and forth while still singing. We'll call that the " laba-laba" sound.

Now, the four of us are riding along in the family vehicle, singing together. And by that, I mean one of the three of us over the age of four would pick a vowel and a note, and the rest of us would join in, Sweet Pea included.

We got through "Aaaah", "Ooooh" and "Eeeee" quite well. Then I tried a bright "Aaaaay", which the Boyo and the Wife joined in on.

Sweet Pea, however, just sang "Laba-laba-laba-laba!" Happily and loudly.

I love my kids.

More Later

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