Sunday, July 12, 2009

One Less Knife

One of my knives has found a home with a collector in California.

This was the sixth knife I completed, and one of my favorite blades. I hope its new owner takes good care of it!
For those of you wondering, here is a brief overview of what goes into the making of a knife.
I start with the "raw" materials, deciding what will go well together. I consult the Wife on this, as she has come up with some really good ideas for handles... as in this very knife!

After some careful drilling through the parts to accomodate the hidden tang (long skinny part behind the blade) I fit them all together, then glue them solidly. It still takes some imagination at this point to see the finished project.

Then after some hours at various sanders and shapers, and lots of hand sanding later, you get this...

It is a lot of work. But so much fun to watch it come together.

More Later


steph said...

so cool! congratulations & thanks for the lesson - not that I have the skills or tools to put it to use, but it's way cool to learn about!

Sharon said...

yeah... what Steph said!
Nice job! Did you sell it on eBay?

Testing group said...

Wow, your demo knife came out really pretty! I really like the wood handle and the banding. Very impressive